Some time in the last few weeks I began to lose my zest for yoga.  I started to wonder what the point of it was.  And this feeling still lingers with me today.

When I decided to do yoga every day, it wasn’t to lose weight, or become bendy or stronger or any of that.   I didn’t have intentions of doing new poses.  It was simply to just do yoga.  To be mindful of how I was spending my time.  To connect and check in with my body every day.

In the last few weeks, I started to put too much emphasis on poses, the physical part of yoga.  I was super pumped to be able to do a headstand.  Holding crow felt like an accomplishment.  And it’s all good and great.  Headstands feel awesome.  But somehow, these ‘accomplishments’ seemed to take away from my practice.

I don’t want to bring goals into my yoga practice.  I don’t want it to become about ‘the next pose’.

Because what’s the point of that? Seriously.  It’s not like being able to do side crow will help me in any way in my life.

I guess some people will say that it’s the mental part of it, the fixed concentration, the breathing, the stilllness in the pose that can transcend into real life.

I can’t help but shrug my shoulders at this.  So what.  I mean, I can also get that feeling out of savasana (well, if I could control my thoughts, maybe I could..)

The fact that my body hurts pretty much all the time too is not good.  And because of this, I can’t help but question if doing yoga every day is actually good for you.   I need to think more about that one.

make time for yoga
From artsyville on Etsy

So when I saw this poster on Etsy: “Make time for your yoga, it’s important”, being in the mood I’m in today, I thought: is it?  Is it ‘important’?  I can see ‘Make time for you, it’s important’.  Taking time out to breath is important.  But how important is yoga?

I know, I shouldn’t be so hard on yoga.  It’s not yoga, it’s me.  And I’m not breaking up with it or anything, we’re just having a bit of a falling out.  And I do feel like this relationship can be mended.  I know I’m feeling this way because I’m stuck on the physical.  I need to get back to the mental, checking in business.

Which is why I’ve decided to take a weekend break from the physical practice of yoga.  I’m going to check in and breathe and be present.  Bring myself back to that place where meeting goals and accomplishing poses won’t get you that gold star.  Where just being is enough.


6 thoughts on “Taking a Break to Mend my Yoga Relationship

  1. Since reading is one of your habits too, maybe reading a yoga book can be your yoga practice some days? Then you will still work on your relationship without the pain. 🙂

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