Yesterday Lisa (hi Lisa!) chose her habit: Eat Healthier.

I think this is one that resonates with many of us.

So let’s do it.  Yes, right now.  Grab a notebook and a pen, and follow along.

I feel I have to warn you: this challenge is not going to be a quick fix.  I’m more about sustaining habits.  Instead we’re going set the foundation for cultivating the habit.  With every habit I cultivated this year I began with a solid foundation.  Are you ready?

Day 1: Why do you want to Eat Healthier?

Imagine that you are eating healthy right now.  How do you feel?   Write down any words that come to you. The most important thing to do here is focus on the positive.

Off the top of my head, for me, eating healthy makes me feel:

  • energized
  • connected
  • balanced
  • kind to myself

Negative thoughts will come to mind.  They did for me, and that’s OK.  The negative can be strong – in fact they can have a stronger emotional reaction than the positive.  But we don’t want to dwell on it.  Instead, see if you can turn that negative into a positive.

For example, if you thought that you feel ugly when you don’t eat healthy (how harsh!!), turn it around.  Make it the most positive opposite of the word.  Instead say, when I eat healthy I feel:

  • beautiful
  • radiant
  • sexy
  • loved

Or another one – yesterday I did not eat very healthy and today I have a headache.  So instead of focusing on ‘less headaches’, when I eat healthy I feel:

  • clear-minded
  • focused
  • balanced
  • alert

Pretty powerful stuff, right?

So now you may have a list of words that describe YOU when you’re eating healthy.  Pick out the top words that resonate with you.

Mine are focused, radiant, and energized – although sexy is pretty great too.

These are your why.  This will help you to stay committed to your habit.  And it’s powerful because they came from you.  For extra reinforcement I recommend that you write a little about this.  About the words, this experience.  The more you connect to these words, the more powerful this will be.  Even better: meditate on it.

What are your words?  Share below!  Put these words out there!

Come back tomorrow for Day 2 in this 3 Day Eat Healthier challenge when we start talking food.


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