Oh man I am tired today.  I really had to talk myself into doing Wednesday’s planned exercises.  I didn’t do it this morning while Isabel napped because, well honestly, I don’t remember why.  It’s only 2 pm and I don’t remember what I did from 9-10 this morning.

I bet I drank coffee.

Oh yeah, and I watched an episode of Workin’ Moms.

Obviously too busy to work out.

And then noon came and I picked Nathan up from daycare.  He’s so great.  I often feel guilty for having him in daycare when I’m home, but at the end of the day I do think it’s better for him, me, and Isabel too that he spend three hours a day playing with some other kids.

Anyways, so Nathan went down for his nap at 1 just as Isabel was waking up, as is the way.  So I decided if I’m going to work out (which I have committed to doing every week day) then I might as well do it now.

Today’s Progress Report

So today’s workout was:


I was going to go downstairs and get the weights when I realized, I have the perfect weight right in front of me – a 13 (ish) pound baby!  And a pretty cute one at that, if I do say so myself!



So I picked Isabel up and did three sets of 15 squats.  I was winded at the end but I didn’t go to muscle failure (or whatever that term is that my husband uses).

I then put her down to do my lunges.  These were hard for me without any weights – again, haven’t worked out in about a year.  I did three sets of 15 again.

As for the ‘ab thingie’ this is just bridge pose with leg extension things.  Not sure if that makes sense.  I can’t do crunches because I have some ab separation and so this was the alternative.  And they were hard!  I didn’t expect them to be that hard.  I did three sets of 10.

Here’s video proof of my work – not the best lighting and no sound, but it’s proof!

The whole thing only took 16 minutes – I probably should have done more reps but I’m pretty happy with today’s workout.

Plan for Tomorrow

Tomorrow I’ll be dusting off our elliptical and hopping on there for at least 20 minutes.  It’s supposed to be a beautiful day out so I may swap this out for a 45 minute walk outside.  I’ll have to check with the boss first to see if that’s ok 😉

Until tomorrow..

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