21 Day Challenges

The 21 day challenges focus on short term changes that I may or may not continue.  This gives me an opportunity to experiment with habits that I could not or would not want to sustain.  I started the year with a little break from alcohol.

Exercise every day

no sugar challenge

Spring Cleaning

gratitude challenge

smoothie challenge

Potential 21 Day Habits:

  • take a picture of something I love every day and write about it
  • cut out coffee
  • meditate every day (a repeat habit)
  • wake up early (a repeat habit)
  • do yoga every day (a repeat habit)

100 Day Challenges

The 100 day challenges are for progressed-based challenges.  These are things that I’ve wanted to do, but didn’t think I had the time, energy, or motivation to do.

Pincha Mayurasana

Potential 100 Day Challenges:

  • play the piano
  • paint every day

3 Day Challenges

The eat healthier challenge was an interesting one for me.  I had never tracked my food intake before and it was a great way to become aware of my eating habits.

Eat healthier challenge

2013 Habits

In 2013 I chose 12 habits that I wanted to incorporate into my life.  I started each habit on the first of each month and then piled habit upon habit.  See the year in review.

  1. do yoga every day
  2. read every day
  3. drink water every day
  4. floss every day
  5. get outside
  6. wake up early
  7. meditate
  8. eat vegetables every day
  9. eat breakfast everyday
  10. be grateful for one thing every day
  11. write every day
  12. eat fruit every day

11 thoughts on “My Habits

  1. Reading about why you started this is like reading my thoughts. I gave up alcohol all of January cus I needed a change. I’ve started knitting… Was painting a little… I need to commit and do it… I’ve been so bored I needed motivation! I just stumbled upon your post and clicked on your website/blog. It is great! Thanks for the ideas and motivation!!

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